About National Conservatoire Performing Arts

The National Conservatoire Performing Arts is a Toowoomba based program structured for the more serious dancer.

We offer the following classes:

  • part time classes over 3 levels from the age of 8 designed for the development of dancers age and abilities
  • regular term classes for those who would like to dance for fun and fitness
  • classes catering for students aged 2 to adult

Dancers these days are required to have strong technique, versality, strength and control as well as artistry and self-expression. Throughout the levels each student will develop and find their own way of expressing themselves through dance and will be transitioned at the rate appropriate to their technical abilities.

Syllabus Classes

The syllabus classes are designed to teach ballet techniques in a more simplified manner with the students repeating the same sequence of steps within each enchainment giving them an opportunity to perfect it to the best of their capabilities. Each student will be placed in the syllabus level appropriate to their own age and/or ability. Exams are optional with syllabus classes.

Open Ballet Classes

Open ballet classes are equally important as syllabus classes. These are designed to develop each student at their current level as well as introduce techniques at the level above them and reinforce what they have done in previous years.

The open class also uses different combinations of steps so students can see how each of them flow together to form choreography.

 In the open classes, the students will also develop artistry and dance quality with learning to use the head and upper body to his full extend within the structure of each exercises.

These classes also prepare students for auditions and major competition as an open class is always given in auditions and in the major dance competitions.

Open classes are great for any student who doesn’t want to do exams, but still want to learn the ballet technique without exam pressure.

The Importance of Versatility

Versality is important to be a well-rounded dancer. We also offer classes in Jazz (commercial dance) and contemporary with the introduction of character for the older students alongside classical.

Many choreographers will quite often ask for steps that aren’t considered traditional. To have an understanding of other styles gives the student the ability to transition into any sort of choreography as well have a broader understanding of how to show emotion through dance. Character is used in just about all traditional ballets and is a great extra ability to have as a dancer.

Contemporary and jazz classes can be taken without having to attend ballet classes.

Pointe Work

Pointe work is an essential part of being a ballet dancer. To prepare students safely and transition them onto pointe we offer pre-pointe classes from the age of 8 or 9 depending on the individual strength of a student.

Pre-pointe work is done on demi pointe as it strengthens the feet, ankles, legs, back and abdominal muscles as well as giving the students a total understanding of how the feet are required to work for pointe.

Each student will do at least a year of pre-point before starting pointe depending on age some students may do 2 to 3 years before their feet and bone structure are ready for pointe.

We will never place an unprepared student onto pointe regardless of age as the damage you can do to young bodies can be irreparable.

Conditioning Classes

To compliment all dance classes, we offer conditioning classes. These classes are specifically designed for dance students for all ages. The class works on strengthening the right muscles for dance, developing correct alignment, flexibility, control, stamina and muscle memory.

Conditioning classes are open to everybody … dancers and non-dancers alike, with two separate age groups for juniors and seniors. 

General Students

General students are welcome to pick and choose what classes you would like to attend on a weekly basis with all classes paid on a term fee basis.

Younger Students

We offer classes to younger students from the age of 2, progressing from baby ballet to  pre-primary and above.

Baby ballet comes under general classes and term fees apply.

Please see the classes page for further details.