Part Time Dance Classes

National Conservatoire Performing Arts
Part time courses are designed to help those who would like to further their dance studies beyond the usual classes. Each course will give the students international certification in 3 levels.

Part time courses include: 


  • Weekly classes
  • Syllabus classes
  • Private lessons as required
  • Solos and solo coaching as required
  • Masterclasses
  • Workshops
  • Holiday programs
  • Costumes for all performances
  • Elite performance classes held every week and include conditioning, repertoire, and company class 3hrs for juniors 4 for seniors
  • Specialty dance wear not used in everyday classes including ballet shoes that may be required for performance
  • Tights for performances
  • International dance certification in all 3 levels included as through each course

International Studies

All international studies are done during and as a part of their weekly classes. No extra study will be required.


All part time students will perform a variety of repertoire at least 4 times a year throughout regional areas including an end of year performance.

There are international opportunities to dance, study and or perform overseas as well for the older students.

Students can also learn solos and participate in national scholarship classes and ballet awards which will be taught as required outside their regular weekly classes at no extra cost.

Their end of year performance is also the end of year assessment for the next year. No further audition is required.


Each student will be placed in age and level appropriate syllabus classes so they can participate in exams.

Exams are optional for all students.

Each student is treated the same within classes regardless of whether or not they are doing exams.


The syllabus studied is the Borovanksy syllabus through the Australian Institute of Classical Dance.

The Borovansky syllabus is a Russian and European based syllabus that develops technique progressively, while enhancing dance quality and individuality, preparing students for a career in dance.

Teaching Certification

For any students looking at becoming teachers, they can do their teachers diploma through us.

This is offered free of charge for any part-time or full-time dancers. The only cost will be the teacher’s exam fee.

It will take 2 years to complete your teachers certification with a lot of in studio training with all ages from 2years to advanced and solo seal.

To sit or study for your teachers you need to have obtained your intermediate or equivalent certificate through Borovansky or another reputable syllabus.

This teachers diploma will enable them to teach at their own studios and place students through exams. They will have to become members of the Australian Institute of Classical Dance for a small fee of $60 (current price).

If you aren’t a part time student or company member please contact us at to organize an individual pricing structure.

International Guest Experts

As a part of dancing with our part time courses, company or teacher’s course each student will have access and the opportunity to do classes with national and international guest dance teachers and choreographers in both classical and contemporary fields.

Financial Assistance

Part scholarships are available for those in financial need. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

Class Information

Junior Part Time Weekly Classes

Aged 8 To 10 (Up To 8 Hours Per Week)

Term fees are $800 per term and includes the following:


  • All Classes Are 1 Hour Long Unless Specified
  • 1 Syllabus Ballet Class of Appropriate Level
  • 1 Open Ballet Class
  • 1 Pre-Pointe Class
  • 1 Jazz Class
  • 1 Conditioning Class (Stretch and Strength)
  • Solos as Required
  • Company Class and Rehearsals/ Repertoire 3 Hours Once A Week
  • International Dance Certification

Intermediate Part Time Weekly Classes

Aged 11 To 13 (Up 12 Hours Per Week)

Term fees are $1000 per term and includes the following:


  • 2 Syllabus 1.5 Hour Classes
  • 1 Open Class 1.5 Hours
  • 1 Pointe Class 1.5 Hours
  • 1 Conditioning 1Hour
  • 1 Jazz Class 1Hour
  • 1 Contemporary Class 1Hour
  • Company Class and Rehearsals 4 Hours Once A Week
  • International Dance Certification

Senior Part Time Weekly Classes

Aged 14 And Over (15 Hours Per Week)

Term fees are $1300 per term and includes the following:


  • 2 Syllabus Classes 1.5 Hours
  • 1 Open Ballet Class 1.5 Hours
  • 1 Pointe Class 1.5 Hours
  • 1 Conditioning Class 1 Hour
  • 1 Jazz Class 1 Hour
  • 1 Contemporary Class 1 Hour
  • 1 Repertoire Class 1 Hour
  • Character Classes/Specialty Classes/Solos
  • Company Class and Rehearsal 4 Hours Per Week
  • International Dance Certification


Entry into the part time courses are via audition only.  We hold one main audition at the beginning of the year. You may request an audition at the end of Term 1 and 2 if you happen to miss the other audition.

Audition Format

Audition can be done either in person or by submitting a digital video of your audition.

 How to Apply

There is a non-refundable audition fee of $25 per person.

Click on the button below to complete the application form.

Form, photographs and ID need to be submitted by the 8th of January 2018.

Next Audition


Sunday 14th January 2018


PCYC Dance Studios, 219a James Street, Toowoomba


8 to 10yr olds       9.30 am to 10.30 am open classical

11 to 13yr olds     10.45 am to 12.00 noon open classical

14yrs and over     12.15 pm to 2.00 pm including pointe work if you are on pointe