Holiday Programs and Summer Schools

Holiday programs are free of charge to all company and part time students.

We have numerous guest artists who are nationally and internationally renowned teachers and dancers. So far we have had dancers from the Australian Ballet, Qld Ballet, English National and Sadles Wells, Bejert ballet and Paris Opera to name a few.

Holiday and summer programs are open to all students of all levels outside of Company and Part-Time.

Opportunities to attend these programs will be posted on the website as they are available.

Keep any eye on the Classes Page for details as they are available. You will be able to book for these via the Timetable.

Masterclasses and Workshops

The National Conservatoire Ballet Company has a range of guest artists both current and past principal dancers from …

  • The Queensland Ballet
  • Australian Ballet
  • Collosion Dance Company
  • and many more

that will be coming to hold workshops and masterclasses to the company students at no cost.

The students will get the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s best and most influential dancers in technique and choreography throughout the year.

International Opportunities

We have the chance to send students overseas to attend summer schools, workshops, masterclasses and also to perform.

Once the students have also achieved international certification through us they will also get the opportunity to show case their own works and perform and choreograph for various events.

So far we have sent students to Hungary, Greece and Italy where they have attended classes, performances, masterclasses as well as performed.

We have many other opportunities for students in 10 different countries . Senior students are usually the only ones taken overseas however 2017 was an exception and we also took 2 juniors who participated and performed at International Dance World Congress in Greece in front of delegates from over 30 countries.

These opportunities are given to students who have completed at least 2 years with us and are of a high technical standard and maturity.


If you’d like to be considered for a scholarship, please email Sarah Brown, Director at ncbcdd@gmail.com to be considered including a brief letter outlining why your child should be considered.